"Artwork by Jolene Nault and Absolute Enchantment for Your Home Inc." has evolved from simply painting murals that create a lifetime of memories for clients, into a design concept that offers clients unique custom spaces complete with furnishings and accessories.

Having originally provided custom artwork to enhance interiors, I often found myself unable to find accessories and furnishings to complete the look. This resulted in the need to create these custom pieces rather than trying to search out the unique custom look I envisioned. Together, our custom artwork, furnishings, and accessories, make up our business as it exists today, creating home furnishings and decorative fantasy pieces. I believe a special room can be a source of inspiration, joy, and a lifetime of memories.

For the past fifteen years, I have focused my talents on children's rooms, scenes that grace foyers, and household interiors. My artwork is featured in businesses and private homes throughout the Edmonton area, as well as Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto. I work with interior designers, home builders, business owners and residential cliental. My easy going personality and willingness to please is what keeps my clients coming back again and again.

Painting is a passion that gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively, and expressively through colour and design. Through consultations I am able to assist my clients with artistic decisions, and creative directions to work together towards the overall vision of the completed theme. It is a joy to find creative ways to fill any space, big or small!